Free Things to do in Dubai – Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai has become the hot choice for people who are willing to travel overseas. And why not? The exotic location and the luxury of Dubai has attracted many people towards it. Also, Dubai has become the first choice for people who wish to experience thrill and adventure. With all this in mind, people also fear that Dubai is an extremely expensive place. They are well aware of the exorbitant price in Dubai and thus they are scared of the same.

But you will be amazed to know that Dubai also has some free entertainment. Yes, you heard it right. There are a number of free things to do in Dubai which you will love and it will also bring down the cost of your super expensive trip.

Thus, before booking your passports and applying for Dubai Tourist Visa, let’s have a look at some of the free things to do in Dubai –

Experience the real Dubai – In order to experience the real Dubai, you don’t need to spend even a single penny. You can easily get a feel of cultural and traditionally rich Dubai once you visit Al Shindagha. Here you will get a glimpse of handicraft culture of Dubai which is truly spectacular.

Camel Museum – If you are fascinated towards camel, then camel museum must be your choice. Here you will come across different sections where you can see the relationship between camels and Arabian People. Also, it is fun to see different types of camels and learn a lot about them.

Watch Movie – Watching the movie in Dubai, is completely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right. Here you can enjoy the movie in an outside environment with your friends or family and it is completely free. Such a cost-saving option. Right?

Dubai Aquarium – entry to Dubai aquarium is completely free of cost. Here you can see the main tank which has a large variety of marine life. You can enjoy all this while you are on a Travel Visa to Dubai in Delhi.

Dubai Fountain Display – One of the most spectacular sights at the night is Dubai fountains. Enjoy the beautiful fountains and click pictures. And you can even dance to the tunes of this fountains.

Jumeirah Beach Corniche – This is an 800-meter long beach track where you can enjoy jogging in the morning. The place also has showers and even children playing area is also present here.

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