How to Get Bangladesh Visa

Bangladesh is our neighboring country and many people from our country and other countries also visit Bangladesh regularly. In order to enter Bangladesh, you need a valid Passport. Passport is the minimum basic requirement for tourists to travel to another country. In earlier days getting the passport was extremely difficult and time taking but today in order to get a passport, you only some basic documents and then within very few days you can get a passport. After getting the passport, which is valid for all the countries, you need an additional permission in the form of visa to enter into that country. This visa is approved by the country you are visiting and it is one form of permission which ensures that you can enter the country and stay for the time mentioned in the visa. Visas are of different types. In order to perform business in Bangladesh, you need a Business visa. Students need the student visa and so on.

Bangladesh is a beautiful country which is known for its rich textiles and aromatic food. The place is popular for its rich traditional sarees. And of course, you can delicious kababs and biriyanis of Bangladesh. There are many sightseeing places also at Bangladesh, Let’s have a look at some of them –

1-Sundarbans Mangrove Forest – This is the largest mangrove forest on earth and it is a well known UNESCO world heritage site as well. The forest is divided between two countries – Bangladesh and India. The maximum part of the forest is located in Bangladesh only. You can witness the wide variety of wildlife at this place including some royal Bengal tigers.

2-Chittagong Hill Tracts – This is a naturally beautiful place which is surrounded by hills from all the sides. This place is loved by adventure seekers widely and many people also trek around this place. You can also come across tribal at this place and you will be amazed to see them.

3-Srimangal – This is the tea capital of Bangladesh which is located in the North Eastern part of the country. This is a beautiful nice and calm place and you can cycle around this place and enjoy the beautiful morning wind blowing against your face.

4-Rangamati – The main attraction of Rangamati is Kaptai Lake. Kaptai lake is a man-made lake which is surrounded by beautiful majestic hills all around it. Rangamati is also home to many tribal groups and you can witness the amazing handicrafts by them.

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