Malaysia is the only country in the world to include territory on the mainland of Southeast Asia as well as on the islands that stretch between Asia and Oceania. 12. Borneo is the third-largest island in the whole world, after Greenland and New Guinea.

Apply For Visa

Documents required for Malaysia Visa

  • Scanned copy of first and last page of your passport;
  • Scanned recent colour photograph. (Photo Specification);
  • Confirmed return flight ticket;
  • Hotel Reservation or Invitation letter (If visiting family or friends).
  • Birth Certificate for minors (below 14 years).

Kindly note: The Govt is very strict on the photograph requirement; please ensure that your photos are as per the specifications for a successful Malaysia Tourist Visa application.


Single Visa Of Thailand
Inclusive Of Embassy Fees
  • 90 Days Tourist Visa
  • Single Entry
  • Insurance Included

FAQ's On Visa Application In Malaysia

Most frequent questions and answers

The eVISA application will be processed within 48 hours from the time of payment and complete submission has been made. This 48 hours processing period applies only for working days and, does not include weekends, public holidays, Malaysian holidays and China event holidays.

Citizens of India and the People’s Republic of China, who wish to enter Malaysia for social visits, are eligible to apply for a Multiple Entry Visa. Multiple Entry Visa are valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. Each entry is for not more than thirty (30) consecutive days and extension are not allowed.

Yes, but only via connected countries such as Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia. Indian citizens can not directly land into Malaysia and ask for a tourist visa. Indian citizens are eligible for a visa on arrival only when they enter into Malaysia via one of the third-countries such as Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.

How Much Bank Balance is Required to Get Malaysia visa? As per the requirements, for the visa on arrival, you must possess at least 1000 USD. The sticker permit requires that you possess funds to support your entire stay duration. As per the requirements, you will need a minimum of INR 30,000 for a month-long stay.

There are two ways to apply for a visa: Via a Malaysian Representative Office in your country of residence. Visit the Official Portal of the Immigration Department of Malaysia for more information. Online via eVisa.

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